Productivity Tip

Syncing Session Files with syncthing

We all know how difficult it can be to keep multiple computers organized. Here’s an easy and free way to stay in sync.

Studio Gear

Handsy with Avid Dock

Is the Avid Dock a solid choice for a controller in 2020?  We take a look at this tactile beast.

Studio Gear

Hands on review of the Avid S1 Controller

Is the Avid S1 a game changer with Pro Tools and 3rd party applications?

Production Tips

Best 5 Ways to Chop Samples

We are chopping samples like it’s 1992! We explore 5 of the best ways to chop audio samples in 2020.


Lenovo Thinkpad DAW

We put a Thinkpad to the test as our main music production machine for a month. What did we think?

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