The Best Ways to Chop Audio Samples

In this article we will provide a high-level review of the best ways to chop audio samples. There are many different ways to slice audio depending on your production workflow but here are the 5 methods that we use on a daily basis.

Akai MPC Live

Chopping samples with the MPC Live in standalone or controller mode is effortless. Spontaneous and musical chopping is just a few button clicks away. You can load entire FLAC, WAV, or MP3 files from the internal memory of USB sticks. Of course, you can also sample from external sources. You can save chops as MPC programs with individual WAV files per chop if you need to flip them in another program. 

5 Cool Things About the MPC Live

ReasonStudios Recycle

Recycle has been around for decades and the interface hasn’t changed much since the time the technology was state of the art. Recycle doesn’t do a lot but what I does do it does well. If you are a Reason user or a refill user it’s still worth looking into Recycle. Many apps support REX so despite not being updated in ages Recycle is still a worthy contender for chopping drums and samples.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live has a number of built in chopping/slicing features. Ableton Simpler’s Slice mode is a fast an easy way to start chopping and flipping samples in Live. You can load a sample and it will automatically chop at each transient. Each slice will be assigned it’s own midi note that can be triggered with your controller or inside of a clip.

Serato Sample

Serato sample is all about chopping samples. You can drag and drop samples from your computer and start flipping quick fast. There are several options for automatically or manually setting your in/out markers which lets you work how you want to. While not the most feature rich or flexible option of the bunch, Serato Sample might help you explore new styles of creativity.

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