Effective Date: Jan, 28 2021

Reason Studios moves to subscription based service

Will users jump on board with this decision or will subscription fatigue put a wet blanket on Reason Studio’s subscription plans?

Reason Studios has introduced Reason+, a new subscription service that offers their Reason DAW – along with a library of 70+ Rack instruments, audio effects, and MIDI Player effects – for $19.99/€19.99 a month.

Additionally, Reason+ introduces the Reason+ Companion, where you can browse and download sound packs.

Subscribers have full access to Reason Studios’ complete array of devices, inside Reason’s Rack plugin and standalone audio workstation. There are over 70 instruments, effects and MIDI Player effects available in Reason+, including Europa, Kong, Grain, and the recently released Friktion and Pattern Mutator. Any new Reason Studios devices and features offered in the future will be immediately available to subscribers.

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