Songwriting with Apple Notes

Apple’s built in Notes app can help keep songwriters organized and in the groove. We share our tips.

Keeping organized

We all know that Apple’s Notes App is useful for jotting down quick ideas and to-do lists¬† but it can also be used for capturing song ideas and lyrics when inspiration strikes. Here’s how we approach songwriting with Apple Notes.

Did you know that you can drag an audio file from your Mac into the note? This way you can keep the music and lyrics bundled for song. This is super handy for keeping organized and prevents you from having to worry about keeping track of the music you are writing to.

Getting Started

How it works

Apple Notes is included on every Apple device (Apple TV excluded) and is pretty much self explanatory to use, that’s the beauty of it. Less thinking and tinkering with settings equals getting more done.

Adding Audio to Note

Adding audio to a note can be done in two ways.

  1. Drag and drop to notes on OSX.
  2. Share file from Apple Files to a new or specific note on an iOS device. It might take a minute or two for the file to show up in the note since it will need to sync with Apple’s Cloud services.

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