Keeping two computers in sync with Syncthing

Keeping two computers in sync with Syncthing

We all know how difficult it can be to keep a single computer organized and set up in a way that is conducive to productivity. Adding a 2nd or 3rd computer to the mix just amplifies the problem. Enter Syncthing:

Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers in real-time, safely protected from prying eyes. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, whether it is shared with some third party, and how it’s transmitted over the internet.

Setting up the Syncthing application on my MacBook Pro and Mac Mini is fairly straight forward and should be routine to most users. Next, you select the folder you want to share and set the user (each computer has a user ID set up by the software) you want to share with. Once set up your files will sync in the background as long as the clients are running on both computers. I’ve been starting Pro Tools sessions on the MBP and picking up where I left off on my Mac Mini with multiple screens. This is a great workflow!

For advanced users, you can enable file versioning and running a Syncthing container on your NAS. I’m running a Syncthing instance on my Unraid server with 16TB of storage space. This setup allows for syncing between multiple computers that I own without needing to rely on 3rd party servers or services. Syncthing is an open-source project, gotta love that!

There are many options for syncing your files these days but if you are looking for a free open-source solution you should check out Syncthing immediately.


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