How To Disable MacOS Spotlight Keyboard Shortcut Command + Space

MacOS spotlight search function is a useful function that can help you find files in your Mac. For example if you want to search a file, you just need to press Command + Space to popup the spotlight search input box, and then input the part text of the file name in the search box, then it will list all the files match the input text.

But some times, the Command + Space shortcut is not convenient. You may want to use the shortcut for other application. So this article will tell you how to disable Command + Space shortcut for spotlight search.

1. Disable Spotlight Search Shortcut Command + Space.

Click the Mac icon at the left top corner.
Then click System Preferences… menu item.

3. Click Spotlight icon.

4. Click Keyboard Shortcuts… button in the Spotlight dialog.

5. Click Spotlight in left list, then uncheck the checkbox in right panel. Now when you press Command + Space shortcut, it will not popup spotlight search input box again.

The easier way.

A simple Applescript to toggle the command+space shortcut in OSX system preferences/keyboard. This is useful for apps like Pro Tools that use command+space for recording and will save you a few clicks if you find yourself enabling and disabling this setting often.

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