Cubase Key Commands

Learning and committing Cubase key commands to muscle memory is essential to becoming a Cubase Ninja. Here is the list of default Cubase Key Commands for your reference. You can print or save as PDF to keep the key commands handy as you work.


Description Key Command
Show/Hide Infoview Command+I
Show/Hide Overview Option+O


Description Key Command
Edit Inplace Command+Shift+I
Open Score Editor Command+R
Open/Close Editor Return
Undo Command+Z
Redo Command+Shift+Z
Cut Command+X
Copy Command+C
Paste Command+V
Select All Command+A
Select None Command+Shift+A
Duplicate Command+D
Open Command+E
Repeat Command+K
Move to Front U
Lock Command+Shift+L
Unlock Command+Shift+U
Cut Time Command+Shift+X
Delete Time Shift+Backspace
Paste Time Command+Shift+V
Paste at Origin Option+V
Paste Relative to Cursor Shift+V
Split Range Shift+X
Insert Silence Command+Shift+E
Invert Selection Command+Option+I
Split at Cursor Option+X
Move to Cursor Command+L
Group Command+G
Ungroup Command+U
Solo S
Mute M
Record Enable R
Write W
Primary Parameter: Increase Command+Shift+Up Arrow
Primary Parameter: Decrease Command+Shift+Down Arrow
Secondary Parameter: Increase Command+Shift+Right Arrow
Secondary Parameter: Decrease Command+Shift+Left Arrow
Mute Events Shift+M
Unmute Events Shift+U
Mute/Unmute Objects Option+M
Find Track/Channel Command+F
Toggle Group Tracks K
Left Selection Side to Cursor E
Right Selection Side to Cursor D
Stationary Cursor Option+C
Autoscroll F
Snap On/Off J
Expand/Reduce Option+E
Activate/Deactivate Option+A
Flip/Invert Option+F
Delete Del
Delete Backspace


Description Key Command
Preview Start Shift+Enter
Preview Stop Shift+Pad0
Preview Cycle On/Off Shift+Pad /
Open MediaBay F5
Search MediaBay Shift+F5
Open/Close Attribute Inspector Command+Option+Pad6
Open/Close File Browser Command+Option+Pad4
Open/Close Previewer Command+Option+Pad2
Open/Close Filters Command+Option+Pad5
Open/Close Favorites Command+Option+Pad8


Description Key Command
Quantize Q
Show/Hide Controller Lanes Option+L

Set Insert Length

Description Key Command
T Option+,
. Option+.
1 Option+1
2 Option+2
4 Option+3
8 Option+4
16 Option+5
32 Option+6
64 Option+7
128 Option+8


Description Key Command
Virtual Keyboard Option+K
Mixer F3
MixConsole Lower Zone Option+F3
VST Performance F12
VST Connections F4
Video F8
VST Instruments F11


Description Key Command
New Command+N
Open Command+O
Close Command+W
Save Command+S
Save New Version Command+Option+S
Save As Command+Shift+S
Quit Command+Q


Description Key Command
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Add Left Shift+Left Arrow
Add Right Shift+Right Arrow
Add Up Shift+Up Arrow
Add Down Shift+Down Arrow
Top Home
Bottom End
Toggle Selection Command+Space


Description Key Command
Remove Selected Tracks Shift+Del
Open Pool Command+P
Open Markers Command+M
Open Tempo Track Command+T
Colors Option+Shift+S
Setup Shift+S
Set Track/Event Color Option+Shift+C
Open Browser Command+B


Description Key Command
Zoom to Selection Option+S
Zoom to Event Shift+E
Zoom Full Shift+F
Zoom In Vertically Shift+H
Zoom Out Vertically Shift+G
Zoom In On Waveform Vertically Option+H
Zoom Out Of Waveform Vertically Option+G
Zoom In Tracks Command+Down Arrow
Zoom Out Tracks Command+Up Arrow
Zoom Tracks Exclusive Z
Zoom In H
Zoom Out G


Description Key Command
OpenDialog T

Window Zones

Description Key Command
Show/Hide Right Zone Command+Option+R
Show/Hide Upper Zone Command+Option+U
Show/Hide Transport Zone Command+Option+T
Show Previous Tab Command+Option+Left Arrow
Show Next Tab Command+Option+Right Arrow
Show/Hide Left Zone Command+Option+L
Show/Hide Left Zone Option+I
Show/Hide Lower Zone Command+Option+E
Show/Hide Lower Zone Command+Option+B
Show Previous Page Command+Option+Up Arrow
Show Previous Page PgUp
Show Next Page Command+Option+Down Arrow
Show Next Page PgDown


Description Key Command
Crossfade X
Auto-Grid Shift+Q
Adjust Fades to Range A

Direct Offline Processing

Description Key Command
Direct Offline Processing F7


Description Key Command
Panel F2
Play Selection Range Option+Space
Locate Next Event N
Locate Previous Event B
Locate Next Hitpoint Option+N
Locate Previous Hitpoint Option+B
Locators to Selection P
Start Enter
Stop Pad0
StartStop Space
Record Pad *
Global Retrospective Record Shift+Pad *
Rewind Pad –
Forward Pad +
Fast Rewind Shift+Pad –
Fast Forward Shift+Pad +
Cycle Pad /
Auto Punch In I
Auto Punch Out O
Nudge Cursor Right Command+Pad +
Nudge Cursor Left Command+Pad –
To Left Locator Pad1
To Right Locator Pad2
To Marker 1 Shift+1
To Marker 2 Shift+2
Recall Cycle Marker 1 Shift+Pad1
Recall Cycle Marker 2 Shift+Pad2
Recall Cycle Marker 3 Shift+Pad3
Recall Cycle Marker 4 Shift+Pad4
Recall Cycle Marker 5 Shift+Pad5
Recall Cycle Marker 6 Shift+Pad6
Recall Cycle Marker 7 Shift+Pad7
Recall Cycle Marker 8 Shift+Pad8
Recall Cycle Marker 9 Shift+Pad9
Set Left Locator Command+Pad1
Set Right Locator Command+Pad2
Set Marker 1 Command+1
Set Marker 2 Command+2
Locate Next Marker Shift+N
Locate Previous Marker Shift+B
Input Position Shift+P
Input Left Locator Shift+L
Input Right Locator Shift+R
Input Locator Duration Shift+D
Input Punch In Position Shift+I
Input Punch Out Position Shift+O
Input Tempo Shift+T
Input Time Signature Shift+C
Metronome On C
Use External Sync Option+Shift+T
Exchange Time Formats .
Locate Selection L
Loop Selection Option+P
Return to Zero Pad .
Return to Zero ,
To Marker 3 Pad3
To Marker 3 Shift+3
To Marker 4 Pad4
To Marker 4 Shift+4
To Marker 5 Pad5
To Marker 5 Shift+5
To Marker 6 Pad6
To Marker 6 Shift+6
To Marker 7 Pad7
To Marker 7 Shift+7
To Marker 8 Pad8
To Marker 8 Shift+8
To Marker 9 Pad9
To Marker 9 Shift+9
Set Marker 3 Command+Pad3
Set Marker 3 Command+3
Set Marker 4 Command+Pad4
Set Marker 4 Command+4
Set Marker 5 Command+Pad5
Set Marker 5 Command+5
Set Marker 6 Command+Pad6
Set Marker 6 Command+6
Set Marker 7 Command+Pad7
Set Marker 7 Command+7
Set Marker 8 Command+Pad8
Set Marker 8 Command+8
Set Marker 9 Command+Pad9
Set Marker 9 Command+9


Description Key Command
Next Tool F10
Previous Tool F9
Select Tool 1
Range Tool 2
Split Tool 3
Glue Tool 4
Delete Tool 5
Zoom Tool 6
Mute Tool 7
Draw Tool 8
Play Tool 9
Drumstick Tool 0
Combine Selection Tools On/Off Option+Shift+1


Description Key Command
Toggle Read Enable All Tracks Option+R
Toggle Write Enable All Tracks Option+W
Open Panel F6


Description Key Command
ChordPad Command+Shift+C


Description Key Command
New Version Command+Shift+N
Duplicate Version Command+Shift+D
Next Version Command+Shift+H
Previous Version Command+Shift+G

MixConsole History

Description Key Command
Undo MixConsole Step Option+Z
Redo MixConsole Step Option+Shift+Z


Description Key Command
Start Left Option+Left Arrow
Start Right Option+Right Arrow
End Left Option+Shift+Left Arrow
End Right Option+Shift+Right Arrow
Left Command+Left Arrow
Right Command+Right Arrow


Description Key Command
New Command+Pad0
Update Workspace Option+U
No Workspace Option+Pad0
Workspace 1 Option+Pad1
Workspace 2 Option+Pad2
Workspace 3 Option+Pad3
Workspace 4 Option+Pad4
Workspace 5 Option+Pad5
Workspace 6 Option+Pad6
Workspace 7 Option+Pad7
Workspace 8 Option+Pad8
Workspace 9 Option+Pad9
Workspace X Command+Option+Pad0

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